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omg sometimes i do the most autistic things lolz

it pains me and yet amuses me to no end when people use mental illnesses as adjectives in innapropriate ways.

girl: ohmygosh, that was soooo ocd of me!
guy: yea, you are soo ocd sometimes

yea, you're so obsessive compulsive disorder. good job. furthermore, the girl in question was talking about being "random". apparently that is the same as obsessive compulsive disorder, ohmygawd like, obviouslyyyy.

woman on television: you have beautiful hair but it's rather.. schizophrenic ::flails her arms for some strange reason::

oh no! your hair is having hallucinations.. delusions.. of persecution, of reference, of grandeur, it needs to be hospitalized and medicated, stat!

hair: but i am the reincarnation of jesus :(

doctors: hair, you're delusional, see? that may seem real but it isn't.

hair: :(

poor hair.

girl: i can't decide, should i get this one or this one.. omg i'm so bipolar sometimes!

poor girl. one choice will lead her into a downward spiral of crippling depression, and another of energy filled psychotic mania.

i was reminded of all of this from watching a style show today and hearing the woman on the television talk about schizophrenic hair. and it just reminded me of how wonderful the world is and how lucky i am to be alive :D

ps. my hair is perfectly sane by the way, thank you very much
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