emily (aghostchild) wrote in puzzlepiecepie,

ps. i don't know who "you" is

then we slipped away from this place and found ourselves on soft green moss, the tall grass bowing so politely to the wind, the moon a cold silver fish swimming through a murky black sea, staring at me through dark glassy eyes. do you feel as though you're being.. watched? i counted my fears and named each one after you until eventually i could not tell you from them, until eventually they swam in my eyes and pooled at my feet and i laughed and laughed because they were mine, my fears, i owned my fears and no one could take them away from me. do you hear that? don't lie to me damnit, i know you do.. demons are everywhere.. they drip over us.. call the exterminator! but no, we can't trust him, and he can't trust us, and of course i can't trust you, it's obvious. evil drenched the soft fabric of the sky and we tore it down with sharp knives and sharper teeth. i went to bury myself in the ground, because i like to plan ahead. and then i'll be warm, i'll be so warm, and you know i'm always so cold..

if you were to kiss me then you would have noticed i was not breathing. i have no need for such trivial nonsense
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